Kisumu residents jam public places to follow high level case

Like in the rest of the country, Kisumu residents stormed public places to follow the much anticipated Supreme Court proceedings on the presidential election petition that started on a high note.

Given that Kisumu is an Opposition stronghold, those interviewed by Sunday Standard expressed confidence that the Supreme Court will rule in favour of NASA.


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Locals are hoping that the Court will nullify the Presidential election and call for a fresh one given the ‘massive irregularities’ in the electoral process as pointed out by the National Super Alliance (NASA).

Nathaniel Omenda, a resident of Nyalenda slums, who was watching the proceedings at a local hotel, said he keenly followed the proceedings.

The 41-year-old businessman said he closed his shop earlier than usual to catch up with friends and listen to the proceedings.

“I enjoy watching it with friends. We get to analyse and share ideas on possible outcomes. I love the way the legal minds shared their ideas with such finesse and intellectual beauty. It is really a battle of wits. This is not something you watch alone in the house,” said Omenda.

Like Omeda most people chose to watch the proceedings among crowds.

“I had to be here with friends to understand better the substance of the case. I heard over the radio that NASA has a raft of fresh issues raised on the case. My learned friends here help me to understand the legal jargon that skips my head,” said Samson Ouma, Omenda’s friend.

The same sense of excitement and anticipation was witnessed in other parts of the town where revelers gathered in public spaces to catch a glimpse of the high level case.

At a small joint in Kondele, the revelers were mesmerised by the sea of legal minds in the court.


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“This is going to be an interesting case. I think I will have to stay away from work to follow the proceedings. I don’t want to be caught off guard so I have to follow keenly and understand the basis of the final judgment,” said Michael Oduor, a resident.

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