Kisumu elders clash in scramble to endorse ODM party aspirants

Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o is among those who sought the blessings of elders from different clans in Nyakach

A scramble to endorse political aspirants has caused a major split among elders in the region.

Several elders’ factions have emerged with each side claiming to be the legitimate outfit to confer political endorsement.

Th elders are in a rush to endorse aspirants for various seats ahead of the the Orange Democratic Movement nominations, which are scheduled from March 7-23. In Kisumu, the primaries will be held on March 13.

Tuesday, a faction of the elders led by Charles Kogada dismissed rival factions that have endorsed various candidates claiming that a number of elders were not genuine and were only interested in cash handouts.

‘Blessing’ aspirants

Various elders groupings have been holding several meetings across the county to ‘bless’ aspirants.


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It is emerging that some elders have been blessing one aspirant after the other, while promising them support from their respective clans.

Over the weekend, three governor aspirants received the blessings of various elders from 11 clans in Nyakach with all the factions endorsing their respective bids.

Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, Dr Hezron MacObewa and Chris Ondiek all sought the blessings of elders from different clans in Nyakach in a bid to mobilise support at the grassroots.

Both Nyong’o and Ondiek met different factions of elders from the larger Kadiang’a clan in different events with both claiming that they have already sealed the Nyakach vote.

The duo met elders in Seme too while campaigning in the area to market a pact they have formed to help unseat Ranguma.

Weekend meetings

Over the weekend, McObewa, met a section of elders and the youth at Sang’oro and Katito where they said they would back his bid hours after he had met elders from Ombeyi in the larger Kano clan who endorsed his bid. 


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Ranguma’s reelection has also gotten the backing of faction of elders from all various clans, including those from the larger Kano, Kisumo, Seme and Nyakach.

Tuesday, the Charles Kogada faction who announced support for Ranguma, insisted it was the only legitimate group.

“Recently, three elders discredited the decision by over 3,000 elders. It is their democratic right but the same democracy demands that the few have their say while the majority have their way,” said Kogada.

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