Is the Kipsigis Community ready to support NASA?

Going by the reception the opposition leaders received at Bomet County Stadium, political analysts are giving different opinions but many are surely worried about Jubilee’s clout on the populous county which voted them man to man at the 2013 General elections.

Raila Odinga and his NASA brigade received a rousing welcome when they held a rally at the county over the weekend. Raila used the opportunity to woo the community to vote for the opposition which he said will ensure that their interests will be taken care of.

In the recent past Raila Odinga and his team has made voracious forays into Jubilee strong-hold sending the Jubilee brigade into a panic mode.

Governor Isaac Ruto who was an ardent supporter of the Jubilee Government in 2013 has now warned his community against supporting the Jubilee government whom he claims are not privy to the problems  facing the common man.

Prices of basic commodities has skyrocketed clouded by the high exchange rate to the dollar which is now over Kshs. 100 to a dollar.

Leader after leader heaped praises on the Governor Ruto whose Government has managed to keep Doctors at the Government sponsored Hospitals.

It’s only in Bomet County where residents can get medical services at the local Dispensaries and the County’s level 5 referral Hospital at Longisa.

Religious leaders showered the opposition chiefs with blessings which were geared to help them clinch the government come 2017.

He blamed the Jubilee Government  which he claims has made farmers to suffer in many sectors, while he blamed the government by failing to ensure Farmers get value for their produce. He claimed that during the Coalition government a bag of maize was selling at over Kshs.3200, but now it’s below that price.

Most Farmers are still wondering when the prices of maize, wheat and milk will be increased to so that they can at least make profits.

Most leaders who spoke poked holes on the Jubilee administration role in the endemic corruption facing it.

Dr. Bonny Khalwale wanted to know where the DP President William Ruto got the money to buy four expensive choppers and a tourist hotel in Mombasa.


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