Kin of Kenyan killed US plead for assistance to raise Sh2.5m

The family of a Kenyan shot and killed in the United States is seeking for assistance as it grapples with the high cost of airlifting the body back home for a proper send-off.

According to Vincent Mutuku, brother of the deceased Mike Mulwa, 29, the family needs Sh2.5 million to offer his brother a good send-off besides bringing his remains for burial.

Mr Mulwa, the proprietor of 254 clothing brand, was shot and wounded a day after robbers had stolen packets of cigarette and money from his store at Citgo gas station in 9800 block of Parkway East in Birmingham, Alabama.

“We are still doing paper work and holding fundraisers in Alabama, Atlanta and Kenya to raise Sh2.5 million for clearance and transport from Alabama to Kenya,” said Mr Mutuku.

Mr Mulwa, until his death, was living in the US state of Atlanta while working in Alabama. He was in the process of acquiring the gas station from another Kenyan who own it.


He had a merchandise shop at the station that was robbed on the previous day before the shooting as the robbers warned him not to report to the police.

“On Friday two people robbed the store but managed to steal a cigar but warned him not to report to the police but being the States, he would have been accused of being an accomplice and so he reported,” said Mr Mutuku.

On Saturday night one of the robbers came back and confronted him on why he had reported them and he shot him.

He said that after the shooting, his brother managed to call the first name in his phonebook saved as Agnes and told her to call 911 to report that he had been shot before passing out.

Police responded in about 12 mins. They found two people as they tried to resuscitate him after the 11.30pm shooting.

“Mulwa was rushed to the University of Alabama trauma hospital where he underwent surgery but died from the gunshot wound at 4.30am on Sunday,” read a statement from the police.


Vincent Mulandi, a cousin, said that 254 was an empire that Kenyans and the whole world acknowledge.

Mr Mulandi said that Mr Mulwa had once told the owner of the building to put up a bullet proof glass wall following another robbery that took place in December last year.

Mr Mulandi said that he and Mulwa grew up together as brothers and he is yet to come to terms with his death and that he deserved a decent send off.

He said that his smile was contagious and helped anyone who approached him with problems as he never lacked solutions.

His mother, Violent Mueni, and father, Councillor Ngangi, live in Kathonzweni, as well as his only surviving brother, Mutuku.


He leaves behind a widow and two children and expecting the third one.

He moved to the US in 2008, and worked in various department stores in Atlanta before landing a job with Shaw Industries.

Family described him as soft-spoken and kind.


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