KICD follows up on education system to avoid hitch

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development has evaluated the ongoing piloting of the new curriculum in 22 out of 47 counties, Director Julius Jwan said Sunday.

The piloting is taking place in 470 schools across the country, 10 in every county, and the rest will be covered this month.

“Teachers are happy with the teaching and learning methods adopted. The curriculum developers are developing more learning materials that will be used up to third term,” Dr Jwan said in Nairobi.

He said KICD was piecing together feedback on the piloting ahead of implementation in January.

“Results from the monitoring and evaluation exercise will come [in] handy in enriching the content and guide publishers on the kind of learning materials required for next year,” Dr Jwan said.

“We will use the feedback to tighten any loose ends.”

Dr Jwan said review of the current education system was long overdue, given that it has never been reviewed for the past 14 years — since 2003 — yet the standard procedure should be after every five years.

The KICD chairperson, Dr Sara Ruto, said the right structures are being put in place to ensure a smooth take-off of the new curriculum.

“The current 8-4-4 system of education was not piloted,” Dr Ruto said.


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