Kiambu will make history for better or worse, says Kabogo

Kiambu will make history on August 8, whether voters elect incumbent William Kabogo or his rival Ferdinand Waititu.

On Wednesday said if reelected, he will be the first independent governor in Kenya.

But if the Kabete MP wins, Kiambu will enter the history books as having elected the “most unelectable person”, Kabogo said.

“Kiambu will make history either way. Which side of history do you want to be on? Do you want to go down in history for electing the right person?” he asked. Kabogo spoke when he awarded contracts to more than 400 casual workers at county headquarters in Kiambu town.

The incumbent said if God touched the heart of every resident and instructed that they elect a person based on their track record, then “even Waititu’s wife would vote for Kabogo.

“But if voting is pegged on light skin, bad manners, throwing stones, not being a good speaker and lack of education, I won’t be elected.”

Kabogo accused Waitutu of inciting residents not to pay levies, blaming this for the lower revenue collection.

“Where else have you heard the county government increase its revenue bySh800 million — from Sh1.6 billion to Sh2.6 billion — in three years?” he asked.

“But since these guys [Waititu and the United for Kiambu team] started campaigning in January and were nominated, they tell residents not to pay.

“Because of this, we don’t have medicine in our hospitals as we are down to Sh1.8 billion against a potential of Sh4 billion.”

Kabogo criticised his rivals for thriving on lies about him, instead of selling their agenda. He said they lack evidence against him “as they can’t talk about my development record”.

He said he was shocked “they have resorted to witchcraft. A witch doctor staying at the Intercontinental Hotel confessed that he helped politicians win nominations in Kiambu. Those who sought his help won. I know God is on my side because I did not win in the nominations.”

“Last Sunday, I attended a service at the Independent Church in Thika. My competitors were there.

“When Waititu was given a chance to speak, he picked up a Bible and swore that he did not use witchcraft, yet no one had said it was he who sought the occult services.”

Kabogo urged voters to back his reelection and dismissed claims that he brought Raila Odinga to campaign in the county.

He said the NASA candidate is not a goat to be pulled to Kiambu. “He is free to go anywhere,” he said.


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