BREAKING NEWS: Kiambu residents demand the immediate arrest of MP Babu Owino

Kambu residents are currently holding large protest all over the streets demanding the immediate arrest of Babu Owino

This comes after Mp Babu Owino remarks calling President Uhuru,”Wewe ni MTOTO WA MBWA.”

Babu Owino told KDRTV on Facebook, “I will not apologize to anyone because I called nobody’s name during my yesterday’s address.

We have so many presidents in Kenya, from the President of sonu to all presidents of students union in Kenya, President of the Supreme Court, President of Youth Senate and much more.However, I will stick to objective politics and will never abuse anybody.

Let my brothers and sisters from the Kikuyu nation know that I did not abuse their president.

One Kenya one nation.Lastly, in law calling someone, a mtoto wa umbwa(a puppy) is not an abuse.God bless Kenya. Babu Owino”

Do you support Babu Owino’s remarks if so drop us comment sharing your thoughts

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