Kiambu IDPs demand compensation from the disputed Sh 6B funds

Integrated Internally Displaced Persons living in Kiambu County have moved to court seeking compensation money from the disputed Sh6 billion which had been set aside by the government for resettling them.

Through lawyer Kinyua Kungu, the IDPs claimed that the money has been lying idle in the account and may have to be returned to the National Treasury by end of this month if it’s not used.

They argued that part of the money was released by the special programmes ministry and was used to acquire land for resettling IDPs but the said it was allegedly diverted.

They claimed that instead of the Sh6 billion being returned to the National Treasury for not being utilised, they want it to be used to pay them for compensation.

“The Kiambu integrated IDPs content that if funds set aside for resettling persons like them country wide are not immediately paid out, the continued undue delay will consequently violate their rights,” said Mr Kungu.

In April, the High Court in Nakuru suspended disbursement of the money due to disagreements in the payment criteria.

The government had in December last year set aside the amount for resettling over 90,000 IDPs from the 2007/2008 Post Election Violence which left over 650,000 people displaced and another 1,133 killed.

But in the Kiambu IDPs’ case documents, they claimed that all displaced persons were registered by the said ministry under the office of the President and Kenya Red cross in 2008/2009.

Thereafter a mitigation and resettlement programme was established as well as the National humanitarian fund board.

The IDPs were to be given Sh10,000 for startup, Sh25,000 for constructing a basic house and a 2.45 acre piece of land to each displaced family.

They alleged that some people had received money while others have not, ten years later.

They are now pointing an accusing finger to the lack of public information on the exact beneficiaries.

“Despite billions of shillings being paid out in purported resettlement and compensation of IDPs, thousands of genuine ones are still living in deplorable conditions,” said Mr Kungu.

They have sued the Principal Secretaries for devolution and interior ministries as well as the Attorney General.

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