KHRC delisted for tax evasion, illegal accounts

KHRC has been delisted allegedly for failing to pay taxes and operating illegal bank accounts

It has also been accused of irregularly receiving Sh1.2 billion and failing to remit taxes from October 2016

It was founded by five Kenyans while in exile – Prof Makau Mutua, Mr Maina Kiai, Dr Willy Mutunga, Mr Kiraitu Murungi and Prof Peter Kareithi

The Kenya Human Rights Commission has been deregistered allegedly for failing to pay taxes and illegal bank accounts. 

In a letter sent to Makau Mutua, the chairperson of the commission, Monday, the chief executive officer of the NGO Coordination Board, Fazul Mohamed, said KHRC’s registration had been cancelled because it had flouted the law.

“The board has cancelled your registration,” said Mr Mohamed. At the same time, the board ordered that KHRC bank accounts be frozen.

KHRC was founded in 1991 and registered in Kenya as an NGO in 1994. Members of the KHRC board are Maina Kiai, Godwin Murunga, Muthoni Wanyeki, Davinder Lamba, and Father Gabriel Dolan. 

The NGO Coordination Board has accused the human rights lobby of running four illegal bank accounts at NIC Bank and Commercial Bank of Africa.

KHRC has also been accused of irregularly receiving Sh1.2 billion and failing to remit taxes from October last year.

“Your organisation has failed or declined or refused to pay statutory taxes to the Kenya Revenue Authority amounting to Sh100 million, as provided under schedule 10 of the Income Tax Act,” the letter said.

The board also accused the lobby of hiring foreign expatriates without proper work permits.

It also accused the lobby of making false annual returns and keeping silent on how much its directors earn.

It continues: “Your organisation has contravened the provisions of both the Act and the regulations. Central Bank Governor is advised to immediately preserve all funds held under the name Kenya Human Rights Commission.”

The board also wants the expatriates working with the lobby without work permits deported immediately.

Last week the board froze the bank account of Key Empowerment Foundation Kenya, an NGO associated with NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s daughter Rosemary Odinga, after it allegedly received Sh530 million illegally from US-based Open Society Foundations.

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