Key Observations From DP Ruto Interview On Citizen TV

My summary and observations from Ruto’s interview with Hussein:

1. Jubile is not interested in having a credible, transparent, free, and verifiable election on 17/10/17; they want an election on 17/10/17.

2. Jubilee is not interested in having peace in kenya; they are interested in having forced absence of violence.

3. Jubilee wrongly believes that they have a mandate to lead kenya.

If free, credible, and transparent elections are not possible, then we are wasting our time participating in any elections.

NASA has clearly demonstrated that massive rigging of untold proportions was committed against the Kenyan people by Jubilee. If Jubilee insists to proceed arrogantly as espoused by Ruto, then it’s Time Uhuru and Ruto had their own country and the rest of Kenyans left on their own devices.

The Kenyan experiment is not viable and it’s important we begun thinking of separation.


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