Key Basic Lessons from the Proceedings At Supreme Court of Kenya, Raila Presidential Petition 2017

By Onyango Makogango

The just concluded Raila Presidential Petition 2017 case was a school to many

1. Githu Muigai learnt that ballot boxes are election materials

2. Muite learnt that one does not need to take a plane to access a server located in Europe

3 Uhuru learnt that bribery does not work with the judiciary all the time

4. PLO learnt that poetry and law are two different subjects and dictionary words can never substitute legal knowledge

5. Otiende Amollo learnt that some lawyers like Murkomen can hardly talk even with their mouths fully open combined with extra teeth

6. Fred Ngatia learnt that concocting lies require very good memory lest the truth slip through the mouth.

7. Ahmedinassir learnt that he has contributed zero to Kenya’s jurisprudence

8. and somebody powerful learnt how scratch his ass in public

You see, life is a school where you learn as long as you are governed by crooks

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