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Uhuru Kenyatta’s Lawyers caught off guard in the Supreme court proceedings [Video]

Kenyatta was not impressed with his lawyers’ submissions

Today Uhuru Kenyatta was not impressed with his lawyers’ submissions at the Supreme Court of Kenya during the ongoing hearing of Raila’s Petition from the Nasa Coalition.
Uhuru’s lawyers were asked where the extra votes went..They gave varied answers. Fred Ngatia couldn’t answer the question.

Excerpt from the court proceedings

FRED NGATIA (Jubilee Lawyer): The claims that the petitioner (NASA) are saying originating from the number of voters voting in their so called strongholds for particular candidates is a lie.Those were stray ballot papers.

LADY CHIEF JUSTICE PHILOMENA MWILU: If the voters voted for their candidates then why would it be possible that all the 5 ballot candidates were never voted for but only voted for president.

FRED NGATIA: Let me forward the question to my colleague Mucheru

MUCHERU (Jubilee Lawyer): All the ballot papers were given to the voters on arrival at the polling door. So they had to vote for the one they preferred.

LADY JUSTICE PHILOMENA MWILU: You are not answering my question Mr. Mucheru…What am I asking is how would it be possible that all the voters in some particular circumstances went to a polling station and voted for the President but put all the other 5 ballot papers in one box but put the presidential ballot paper in the right box?

MUCHERU: I said that ballot papers were put in all boxes in some points other ballot papers were spoilt but were put in different (wrong) boxes.

JUSTICE SMOKIN WANJALA: Mr. Mucheru you don’t get the question. If the number of ballot papers were given to each voter and did not or mark the ballot papers or marked it as required then where did they put the ballot papers? Does it mean they put them all in one box?

MUCHERU: I think my colleague can answer that. Most of us are not experts.
(The court murmurs as the judges have a silent chit chat)

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