All Kenyas Trade Unions Endorse Raila Odinga for President

Trade unions in Kenya have endorsed Raila Amollo Odinga’s presidential candidature. Speaking during an MOU signing ceremony comprising of KNUT, KPA, KMPDU,UAUSU,KUC and other affiliate unions affirmed their support for Raila Odinga, whom they claim has been fighting for all Kenyan workers and people irrespective of their ethnic, race or color. They are urging all Kenyans to turn up in large numbers and vote for NASA coalition to ensure the country is led out of bondage.

The unions are asking Kenyans first of all to evaluate their surroundings before they cast their vote. They gave an example of Nurses who have been out of work due to a strike but no one in Uhuru’s government is willing to engage them ” All that Uhuru and Ruto are concerned about is the votes not the suffering of all Kenyans. No parent can go out to party while his kids are suffering and sleeping hungry” a union official lamented.

“We are urging all Kenyans to vote for a leader who has been toiling and sacrificing his life and family to ensure Kenyans are treated equally” said Mr. Wilson Sosion the KNUT Secretary General.

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