Kenyans are struggling to feed, educate and house their families

Majority of Kenyans are struggling to feed their families, educate their children and afford a descent medical care. Most of us who can afford all that often end up incurring massive debt that will risk our financial stability.
What if the hundreds of billions of shillings that were stolen went to schools so that our children don’t need to be sent home every now and then or drop out of school.
What if those billions were put into new hospitals and better salary for our nurses so that our mothers don’t need to bleed to death in front of a maternity hospital because they can’t afford the fees.
What if that money was used for a better housing and higher salary for our police officers where their children can grow up being proud of them for their service to Kenyans. Where we can all be proud of them.
Corruption, my Kenyan brothers and sisters, is our no 1 enemy. Unless we try to understand how it sabotages our future and that of our children, we’ll keep on chanting ”it’s better to have a thief that we know than an engineer that we don’t. ”

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