Kenyans reassured of safety as Easter walks in

Security has been beefed up at the Coast as Kenyans and tourists flock the region for the Easter festivities.

County commissioner Evans Achoki said the government has deployed security officers at the public beaches, churches, mosques and shopping malls to ensure visitors are safe.

Police will also mount aerial surveillance and patrols across the county during the day and at night, he said.

“We have enough officers in uniform and in civilian stationed at the Jomo Kenyatta and Shelly (Likoni) public beaches to deal with any threat.

“This is a measure we take especially during festive seasons with thousands of Kenyans coming to the coast for their holidays,” said the county chief.

Mr Achoki was speaking at the Jomo Kenyatta public beach where he inspected security operations and addressed officers and the public.

“We will have adequate officers to patrol all parts of Mombasa County and not only beaches. The officers will also be deployed at entertainment places including night clubs and at the Mama Ngina gardens. Local and foreign visitors should be assured of security,” he added.

The county commissioner asked the public to be on the look-out and report any suspicious individuals so as to help police maintain security.

Lifesavers have also been stationed at various points at the beaches to avoid case of drowning.

Mr Achoki asked those who don’t know how to swim not go deep into the ocean and that they should make use of life savers.

He spoke even as the tourist town started teeming with visitors from up-country.

On Thursday, Jomo Kenyatta beach was jammed with hundreds of people, some of whom had just arrived in Mombasa, eager to swim.

“We arrived here about an hour ago from Nairobi and we could not wait to come and dip ourselves into the warm waters,” said Mr Gabriel Kabogo, who was in the company of his friends.

Hotels in Mombasa and Malindi have registered booming business.

Pupils from various schools are also at the Coast for study trips.

Kwale County Commissioner Kutswa Olaka said elaborate security measures were in place.

He told locals and international tourists that security officers have been deployed along the beaches, hotels and crowded places to thwart any security threats.

“The government has taken stringent measures to ensure that people are safe as they celebrate with family and friends. Security officers will conduct regular patrols,” he said.

Mr Olaka said the government has deployed enough security officers to keep vigil in Diani and other parts of the county.


He called on Kwale residents to embrace the Nyumba Kumi initiative to improve security .

“Residents must always be on high alert by ensuring that anybody suspected to threaten peace is reported to the police for action to be taken immediately,” he added.

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya cautioned motorists against reckless driving and also assured the residents of adequate security and lifesavers.

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