Kenyans react to a photo of CS Sicily Kariuki’s bodyguard carrying her handbag

The hot topic on social media at the moment has been fanned by a photo of a bodyguard belonging to public service cabinet secretary Sicily Kariuki carrying a handbag belonging to the CS at Harambee House before a media address by President Uhuru Kenyatta on August 14.

The image that was taken by The Star’s photographer Hezron Njoroge has left tongues wagging.

Many claim that it is not in the bodyguard’s place to carry the handbag, because how will he protect her with his hand occupied. Others are of the opinion that it is not a big deal because he is paid to do his job.

Here are some PG rated opinions about the image that we can actually print.

One Facebook user, Ruguruh Kimondoh said, “Nothing peculiar. That’s a real man in this time and age. No big deal.”

This was echoed by Helen Kims who wrote, “Welcome to the 21st century! I also saw Rigathi’s wife driver carrying her handbag, to me, no big deal. Actually my handbag is much safer with a guy.”

This opinion wasn’t shared by Eliud Gradin Kibii, who responded to the post writing, “In the 21st Century, Michelle Obama carries her own stuff.”

He got support from Eve Wambugu, who added, “No man should be seen carrying a ladies handbag in public unless the lady in question is sick! Power or no power, that’s me though.”

Kimondoh gave his parting shot explaining that these are different times.

“Gone are the days when some things were left out to be attended by either a man or a woman. FYI, we are in 21st century. Everything is dynamic. Its not a wonder to see a man in the street carrying his own blood in-front using a carrier (ngoi). Komondoh wrote, “No big deal to meet men in the market shopping. [The] kitchen was a woman’s place. Nowadays, a men cooks, washes dishes.this doesn’t make them [any] less a man. It all depended where one is coming from. Ama namna gani?”

Francis Miano chimed in dismissing the whole conversation indicating that people are taking painkillers for someone else’s headache.

“The bag is hers, the carrier is the bodyguard,” he wrote, “And you are none of them.”

Simon Salome added, “He isn’t complaining, why should anybody be?”

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