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Kenyans in Diaspora Condemn Msando’s chilling murder



Today, the 4th of August 2017, Kenyans across the world gathered in different Kenyan consulates and Embassies to protest the chilling and inhuman murder of Chris Msando.Kenyans in  UK gathered outside the Kenyan Embassy in London  to protest against  the killing and demanding that the Jubilee government give answers on extrajudicial killing and the real reason behind his murder and more unexplained disappearance of many Kenyans, and especially about the recent happenings in the runner up to the country’s elections scheduled for the 8th of  August, 2017.

Another major protest was organized in Washington DC where Kenyans echoed the same sentiments as their counterparts in UK and across the globe.

The protest was organised by NASA Diaspora UK and other non-affiliated political WhatsApp-Image-2017-08-04-at-2.42.39-PM Kenyans in Diaspora Condemn Msando's chilling murder organizers who sent a strong message to the Kenyan Government to ensure every Kenyan is accorded enough security and to Commissioners or employees of the IEBC who might be the target. The Washington protest was organized by Kenyans residing in Cities surrounding Washington DC and other far flung cities and their message was similar. The main objective being to raise their voices against the emerging trends that have been in the media during the campaign period with the government being very silent about it. There have been several alarming irregularities that the Kenyans in the UK feel that the government has not risen to task to deal with them. Thus, they were compelled to have a demonstration to raise these questions. Amongst the issues they were protesting, there was;

1 The unlawful killing of Chris Msando. Until his death, Mr Msando was the ICT director for IEBC and his murder comes at a crucial time as he was in charge of the technology that will help with WhatsApp-Image-2017-08-04-at-2.50.31-PM Kenyans in Diaspora Condemn Msando's chilling murderthe electronic voting system. The protesters wanted answers given by the state about how he met his death and also  wanted justice to prevail.

2. The highly likely possibility of police and military forces being used during the election, at the order of the president to suppress justice and due diligence.

3. The planned rigging of elections by Jubilee administration.  The protesters were demanding for a free, fair and transparent elections.

The Kenyans had placards that expressed these sentiments, which they displayed openly for the Embassy staff to see.

They also chanted about the need for change in Kenya and how this change could only happen only when the current regime is voted out of power in the general elections. They were very vocal in their calls for the need for this regime to go home.

They also affirmed their support for NASA by chanting that NASA was the change that Kenya needed.

By Sheila Maonga – KDRTV London correspondent

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