Kenyans attempt to break Guinness shaving record

The event’s sponsor Procter & Gamble Kenya said the campaign was aimed at educating Kenyan men on the steps and benefits of self-shaving.

Kenyans on Thursday attempted to break the Guinness world record for the highest number of people shaving their hair simultaneously at the same location.

At the event named Nyoa Ki-pro na Gillette held on Kenyatta University’s main campus in Nairobi, 3,000 people aged between 18 and 45 participated in the attempt to have Kenyans overtake the current record of 2,374 people that was set in Mexico in 2015.

The consumer goods company’s brand operations manager Mr Evans Mwaniki said the average Kenyan man shaves about twice a month at the barber shop but in between that time, he does not like the way he looks.

S2 Kenyans attempt to break Guinness shaving record

Kenyans attempt to break the Guinness world record of people shaving at the same place at the same time on Kenyatta University’s main campus in Nairobi on June 29, 2017. PHOTO | MARY WAMBUI | NATION

Mr Mwaniki said the campaign’s aim was to provide an opportunity for men to learn how to shave correctly.

“Through this world record attempt, we hope to educate Kenyan men on the simple grooming techniques that will give them an enhanced shaving experience characterized by great smoothness, optimal comfort and no skin irritation,” he said.

Current statistics show that 10 per cent of men shave themselves using a razor while another 10 per cent use an electric or hand clipper with the rest opting to have a barber shave them, for convenience.

At the event, radio presenter Shaffie Weru shaved his hair and had his beard trimmed publicly at the.

The organisers will now send photo and video evidence of the event to Guinness World Records’ auditors, who will then confirm if the participants managed to break the record.


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