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Kenyan Youths Across the Globe want Raila to be President

Youths and other professionals in and outside Kenya are challenging their counterparts to vote for Raila so that they can reap big in the new government Raila will be forming.

Speaking in a public forums and in studios across the globe they are urging youths to shun violence and vote on August 8 to ensure a victory for Raila.

The youths who took part in funds drive for the Adopt-a polling station are very confident and sure of Raila’s victory because all the rigging loopholes are being sealed to ensure the best candidate wins.

They have listed various projects which Raila initiated when he was the Roads and Public works Minister and as PM and are wondering why Kenyans can’t elect a leader who has Kenyans at heart to lead them and jump-start the Kenyan dream which they are sure he will do immediately he is sworn in as the CEO of the  Kenyan Government.

They don’t have any kind words for UhuRuto whom they accuse of lying to them in terms of opportunities they promised but delivered none and the many tags and scandals their government has been accused of abetting.


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