Kenya private sector expects peaceful polls

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (Kepsa) has assured Kenyans that businesses will run as usual, saying operators do not expect disruptions during elections next Tuesday.

Kepsa said it expects elections to be peaceful.

While urging Kenyans to uphold integrity and choose leaders who will unite the country, Kepsa vice-chairman Patrick Obath said all service providers are expected to stay open before elections and resume on August 9.

“Minor hitches and glitches which could lead to low business are usual in every country, including Kenya, especially during elections, but we don’t expect businesses to be overly affected, hence we anticipate no changes in routine,” he said.


He made the remarks during a press briefing by Mkenya Daima, of which Mr Obath is also a steering committee member.

He urged leaders to be patriotic and prevail upon their supporters to maintain peace.

“Leaders should make use of this period to foster nationalism and unity and never instigate divisions and tension through inflammatory remarks.

“We hold them accountable for controlling the conduct of their supporters and expect them to act as true leaders in all forums,” he said.


He said Mkenya Daima supports all the agencies tasked with conducting the elections and affirmed their stance that such agencies should be accorded the freedom to carry out their mandates devoid of threats and intimidation.

“The credibility and fairness of the coming elections can only be achieved if the electoral custodians, referees and law enforcers are afforded the space and security in which to conduct their activities efficiently,” he said.

He asked Kenyans to shun divisive leaders and messages, especially those spread through social media, and rely on accredited and credible sources of information about the elections.

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