Kenya lags in readiness index, says report

Kenya will respond slower to change in case of financial shocks, social instability and natural disaster compared to Rwanda and Uganda, this according to KPMG’s change readiness index.

The annual global index which measures how effectively governments, public and private enterprises and people anticipate, prepare for, manage and respond to change ranked Kenya at position 67, one place below Uganda while Rwanda leads Africa at position 46 in the world.

Even so, Kenya is ranked better than mature economies like Russia, Brazil and South Africa which are position 72, 79 and 80 respectively. Tanzania is at position 94 while Somalia is last at position 136. European countries dominated the top 10 positions led by Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and Finland.

The CRI scores the country based on three capabilities :enterprise, government and people or civil society. Kenya’s government capability is ranked at position 87 in the world below Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania who are at position 21, 46 and 73 respectively in the world.

Kenya’s enterprise and peoples’ capabilities is at position 47 and 68 respectively, ranking above Uganda which is at positions 63 and 87 respectively. Tanzania’s enterprise capability is at position 106 while peoples’ capability is at position 73 globally.

Public and private organizations can apply the data and insights provided by the CRI to improve government policy, inform investment decisions, build best practice and identify optimal public and private sector partnerships.

‘’No country is immune to change, and how a country prepares for and reacts to sudden shocks or long-term trends has a huge impact on the success and welfare of citizens and institutions,’’ read a statement in the report unveiled on Thursday last week.

It added that by providing an understanding of a country’s ability to withstand and capitalize onchange, can help governments, policy makers, NGOs, civil society institutions, development agencies, investors and private sector enterprise -strengthen a country’s readiness for change.

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