Kenya gets more funds to finish the Dogo Kundu by-pass

Kenya has gotten additional financing to boost the Sh39 billion road links and bridges that will connect Mombasa’s mainland to the Kenyan south by a bridge and bypass across Muache Creek west of Mombasa island.

On Wednesday,  Treasury inked a lucrative loan deal with the Japanese ambassador to Kenya Toshitugu Uesawa for a Sh11.8 billion loan at 1.2 per cent rate.

The 30 year loan deal with a 10 year grace period will go into the construction of the 8.9 kilometer road between Mwache junction and Mteza and the 6.9 kilometer stretch from Mteza to Kibundani.

“The loan credit is for development of the port area launched in 2012 that cost Sh28.9 billion. It is a higher priority project to decongest Mombasa city,” CS Henry Rotich said.

The entire Dogo Kundu By pass project which was estimated to cost around Sh30 billion would have been completed next year.

However adjustments to compensation and shifting of the deadlines may have edged the costs higher and the timelines are now estimated to be in the next four years.


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Japan has given Kenya Sh36.9 billion with the current funding but Kenya National Highway Authority Director General Peter Mudinia put the total figure of the project at Sh39 billion.

Mr Mudinia however pointed out that the link to Miritini is 70 per cent complete.

The Japanese also handed Kenya two grants to buy police patrol motorboats at the cost of Sh273 million and Sh2.5 billion to expand the second phase of Ngong road.

The police currently have only 50 motor boats at the coast and in Lave Victoria with 12 police boats set to be procured through the exchequer.

Inspector General of Kenya, Joseph Boinett however said they had not yet worked out the modalities of how many boats the Japanese grant could get.

The Japanese, World Kaihatsu Kogyo have been building the first phase of the Ngong road’s expansion covering 2.6 kilometre form the Kenya National Library to Kilimani Ring Road junction at a cost of Sh1.3 billion.

The second phase of the Ngong road project will cover 3.4 kilometers between Ring Road Kilimani and Dagoretti corner.


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From here, the Chinese through China Qinjian International Group (Kenya) Ltd, will take up the next stage of the bid to ease traffic congestion in the country’s capital city.

The Sh2 billion dualling of 9.8 kilometer Ngong Road Phase III from Dagoretti Corner to Karen Shopping Centre is set to start next month.

Kenya has received approximately Sh512.7 billion in financial and technical assistance from the government of Japan since 1964 to set up missing link roads in Nairobi, the Nyali, Kilifi, Mutwpa and Ukunda, as well as investments in education. They have also helped build the second Mombasa terminal.


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