Kenya commits itself to putting in place reforms to fight international corruption

Kenya on Wednesday committed itself to putting in place reforms and policies to fight international corruption.

Attorney-General Githu Muigai told an anti-corruption conference in Nairobi attended by delegates from several African countries that it was necessary if Kenya was to receive co-operation in its war on corruption.

“As a government, we are doing this not only because we are under a constitutional obligation to implement our international obligations but more significantly because it is in our best interests that we implement our international obligations,” Prof Muigai told the opening session.

He said corruption threatens Kenya’s economic development. He called for the strengthening of international co-operation – especially law enforcement, mutual legal assistance, mutual assistance, extradition and asset recovery.

The war on corruption is anchored in bilateral and multilateral arrangements aimed at ensuring corrupt persons did not have safe havens, he noted.

The delegates from Kenya, Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda cited financial investigations, international co-operation, whistle-blower protection, and public procurement as priority areas in fighting corruption.

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