Kenya at crossroads, SECESSION, is it time

By Renish

For any country to legally exist, land, water and aerial territorial sovereignty must be defined. The people found therein in these three entities who are assumed to at times share historical, genealogical, social and economic attributes and who at the point of such geographical demarcation are physically within such boundaries are deemed to be citizens of the new entity called country X.

The leadership style adopted by this country X is influenced by their own characteristics and social order desired ie Monarchy, Oligarchy, Theocracy, Democracy or even Anarchy!

Kenya found itself a country under British protectorate dispensation with a Prime Minister and a devolved governance structure under Kenyatta on independence that was fronted (sic) by Mau Mau anamorphic militia fighting to reclaim ancestral land from the British occupiers, the land all ended up in Kenyattas family anyway.That is a discourse for another day.

Kenya became too ungovernable for the British courtesy of the political onslaught by independence agitators and the then wave of new African independence states led by Ghana, thus we found ourselves in Kenya under a Kikuyu Prime Minister/President after others sacrificed the leadership for him to ascend to leadership while incarcerated.

The new President wasted no time in accumulating wealth for himself and his cronies and at one time admonished fellow freedom fighter Bildad Kaggia for being too timid in partaking of the loot. Bildad Kaggia died a pauper.

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga called Kenyatta a land grabber during their infamous fallout and thereby historical animosity today pitting the two dispensations.Political killings in Luo nyanza and any other areas known to support their course for better governance heralded the start of economic marginalization and balkanization of the opposition controlled areas, with the infamous quote from retired President Moi. “Siasa mbaya Maisha Mbaya” a thinly veiled thread roughly translated to mean u don’t support government, bad life for u, ie no development despite all kenyans paying taxes.

Successive leadership styles have made sure that opposition areas are left economically starved of even basic human rights while the powers that be award their own with privileges from getting plum jobs to government contracts and even public land and assets.

Kenya is in debt per excellence courtesy of uncontrolled borrowing from the Chinese, in fact at this rate China might mortgage Kenya to recover their money.

The recent elections were a sham, a shameless attempt by the incumbency to circumvent the will of the majority by committing criminal acts including murder to hang onto power. The Supreme Court saw this folly and declared the elections as null and void, in layman’s terms it means no elections tool place by any known valuation.
A school of thought among the present ruling class is now to rally their tribe around them to protect their God given power(sic) after the Supreme Court caught them pants down.

This they do pay depicting forces and stalwarts of change as self seekers and undetachievers, profiling whole communities and sponsoring hired government goons to run them over In 4X4 cars and kill them in their houses including a 6month old baby.

It is by this design and conspiracy to permanently ostracize and demonize other communities not in power that the quest for secession and self determination is born. An insatiable desire to be governed better, treated like first class citizens, meriously accorded privileges not out of one’s ethnic orientation but the contents of what’s between our ears.

Two approaches have characterized analysis of the post colonial state in Africa. One emphasizes the territorial integrity of the post Colonial state with intended colonial (read Central Kenya) being viewed as sacrosanct and state centered rights being given primacy. The other questions sancrosanctity of the Colonial borders and seeks to promote the primacy if the people centered rights.(Peoples Republic of Kenya)

The increasing frequency in recent years of quests for self determination and secession in Africa poses an existential challenge to the post colonial states with many successful case studies including Namibia, Pakistan, Western Sahara, Eritrea, Somali land South Sudan and other work in progress cases like Darfur and now Kenya.

The incumbency in Kenya must as a matter of urgency wake up to this realization and let it dawn on them that Raila Odinga will not be used as an election sanitizer and that the next frontier in this good governance war might actually end up in two separate states.

I know many will not agree with me but that does not lessen the factual integrity of this expose, a marginalized people are tired of being used and dumped, being denied the national cake that they all contributed in baking. It has become untenable for the incumbency to rise above their bigotry and form am almost


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