Kenchic and French firm launch new Gumboro vaccination that’s more effective

Kenchic, a poultry producer, in partnership with a French global animal health product laboratory, Ceva Sante Animale — have launched a new vaccine against Gumboro disease. The new vaccine which is administered subcutaneously –under the skin- has been introduced for day-old broiler chicks.

The chicks are vaccinated at the hatchery by a professional team and an adapted equipment.
Caused by a virus, Gumboro kills more than 80 per cent of non-vaccinated birds during an outbreak.

It suppresses the bird’s immune system making it vulnerable to secondary infections – mainly caused by bacteria and fungi striking the already helpless birds.

Over the years, a vaccination against the disease has taken place in the farms increasing chances of contamination and failure.

The farmer avoids the risk of failure linked to drinking water and eliminates farm vaccination stress, which allows a better quality of chicken with faster weight gains.

According to Dr Watson Messo, Kenchic’s Veterinarian, so far at least 20 million birds have been administered with the new vaccine at a cost of Sh 40 million.

Each week, Kenchic vaccinates 150,000-210,000 broiler chicks destined to its farms, contracted farmers and other poultry farmers across the country.

“Kenchic sells and supplies both the pre-vaccinated and the non-vaccinated day-old broiler and pullet chicks. Prospective farmers decide on which chicks to acquire and this determines the number to be vaccinated with new vaccine,” said Dr Messo noting that all the Kenchic’s contracted farmers –who are raising over 120,000 broilers- used the vaccinated chicks. Kenchic is the only firm that produces day-old broiler chicks vaccinated against Gumboro.

— By Misheck Mwangi

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