Kazungu Kambi urges locals to only elect Kadu Asili candidates

Former Labour Cabinet Secretary Kazungu Kambi urged Kilifi County residents not to vote for either Jubilee or Nasa candidates because they have failed to develop the region.

Mr Kambi said poverty, poor health and hunger are still a threat to the locals because both the national and the county governments have failed to tackle them.

He took the opportunity to announce his desire to be the next governor of Kilifi.

He said he will contest on a Kadu Asili party ticket.

Addressing residents of Msoloni in Malindi on Friday, he called upon them to only vote for Kadu Asili candidates at the county level, saying they are ready to work with the next administration.

“I do not care whether Nasa or Jubilee will form the next government. Time has come for us to change in order to alleviate [the] problems we are facing,” Mr Kambi said.

The former CS claimed that only Kadu Asili understands and is able to rout the blight that has befallen the residents.

Further, he said his decision to join his new party was goaded by frustrations he encountered while in Jubilee Party.

He reached out to Malindi parliamentary aspirant Philip Charo persuading him to abandon President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee and join Kadu Asili in order to actualise his political ambitions.

Former MP Lucas Maitha, who accompanied Mr Kambi, said he will be vying for the Kilifi senatorial seat on a Kadu Asili ticket.

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