Kavuludi team to start vetting traffic police in 6 counties

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) will from Wednesday start vetting 90 traffic police officers based in six counties of the upper eastern region.

The vetting will take place at School of Government in Embu. Officers working in Embu, Meru, Tharaka Nithi, Isiolo, Marsabit and Marsabit will we vetted.

Unlike in the past, sessions in the five-day exercise will be held in camera as members of public and media would be locked out.

NPSC Chairman Johnston Kavuludi said presence of the public and media would compromise security situation during the electioneering period.

“As we go towards elections, and as the country settles and focuses the same, there are certain serious security concerns that may arise in the cause of vetting which may be compromised by having members of public. We will not even have the media covering it,” he said.

He spoke at the Eastern region police headquarters after paying a courtesy call of the regional police boss.

Mr Kavuludi expressed concern that police officers who have been vetted and found suitable to serve were now engaging in corruption.

He claimed the officers are now asking for money openly in full glare of the public.

He said the rise in corrupt activities by traffic police officers has compromised safety on the roads and led to the public to lose faith in the vetting process.

“Members of public are now getting concerned that police officers who had been found suitable to be retained, seem to have developed a greater appetite for money and now demand it openly. Many motorists think that traffic police are there to just extort,” said Mr Kavuludi.

He defended the vetting process saying despite the teething problems, they had identified many police officers with special trainings and talent, which had initially were not recognised.

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