KAPI to commission study on unregulated medicines prevalence

Kenya Association of Pharmaceutical Industry Chairperson Anastasia Nyalita.

Kenya Association of Pharmaceutical Industry (Kapi) and the University of Nairobi are set to commission a nationwide market study on the prevalence of unregulated medicines.

The research study seeks to quantify the extent of unregulated pharmaceutical products available in the country’s retail pharmaceutical market.

 Kapi Chairperson Anastasia Nyalita said unregulated pharmaceutical products include illicit and counterfeit products not sourced through the established channels, including unregulated imports.

The study results, she said, would provide a foundation for policy and enforcement interventions as the agency plans to share the study findings with the sector regulator Kenya Revenue Authority, Health Ministry, Kapi members and other stakeholders.

“This will help us to have credible data that can be analysed further to aid in decision making among stakeholders including the Commissioner of Customs at KRA,” said Dr Nyalita.

The study comes hot on the heels of the recent market roll-out of the Kapi Code of Practice, aimed at fostering ethical interactions between local pharmaceutical firms and healthcare professionals. 


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