KANU promise to women aspirants

Baringo senator Gideon Moi holds three months old baby David Rotich during the Kanu womens aspirants meeting in Nakuru on March 31,2017. Moi called upon the aspirants to ensure they win various seats in the coming election and also campaign for president Uhuru Kenyatta. PHOTO:KIPSANG JOSEPH

KANU national chairman Gideon Moi has defended the party’s move to support re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“We are intertwined and his success is our success, if he fails we also fail. It’s important, his success is ours,” Gideon said while speaking at a meeting in Nakuru for women aspirants from all parts of the country.

At the same time, he urged all aspirants who are eyeing the party’s ticket for various elective seats to campaign for the President.

“As you campaign let’s not forget President Uhuru, that is my plea,” he went on.

Gender rule

Gideon said the party’s decision to support President Uhuru’s re-election was reached after a negotiation between the two leaders and was approved by top party organ.


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The Baringo Senator assured the aspirants of the party’s support during nominations and General Elections. During the event, KANU received a boost after nominated Senator Naisula Lesuuda ditched Jubilee and Samburu Women Representative Maison Leshomo and joined the Jogoo party. To demonstrate their commitment to women’s empowerment, he said the party will adhere by the two thirds gender rule.

“KANU is committed to supporting women aspirants and has put in place strategies to ensure the two-thirds gender rule is attained,” Gideon said. The party chairman assured women aspirants that the party will hold free and fair elections adding that the party will not condone cases of violence during campaigns.

“We will not condone any form of violence be it during the party primaries or after and as the chairman, I assure you that if a case is reported, the party through it conflict resolution team will deal with it,” Gideon said.

A team will be set up to handle any disputes that emerge from the primaries. Kanu Secretary General Nick Salat said the party has not presented its presidential candidate as there is agreement they support President Kenyatta.

“Those who are not happy with our decision of supporting President Uhuru’s re-election should mind their own business,” Salat said.

Leshomo and Senator Zipporah Kitony urged the women to stand firm and fight for their positions.

“Don’t accept to be lured to other parties, KANU is the party and is known to all, I looked like I won’t defect but my coming back to KANU has made me feel at home,” Leshomo said.

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