Kanu now threatens to join Nasa

Kanu leaders have threatened to withdraw its support for Jubilee Party, accusing Deputy President William Ruto of insulting a section of its members.

Kanu Chairman Gideon Moi said the party has called for a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta to discuss the issue before they decide on the next move.

“We are experiencing reckless statements from the Jubilee side, which is not safe for the two sides but I am meeting the president in person to discuss the matter,’ said Mr Moi.

Speaking during the launch of a manifesto for Silvester Ntutu, who is seeking to be elected as Narok South MP, Mr Moi said: “It is disheartening to see elected leaders threatened to the point they cannot express their views, the Deputy President should respect other leaders,” said Mr Moi.

The Kanu chairman spoke after Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ngeno, and Kanu Secretary General Nick Salat warned the Jubilee leaders of irresponsible statements towards leaders in the Rift Valley.


Mr Ngeno said if their warning is not respected, he will ask his constituents to join the National Super Alliance.

“We are telling Uhuru to tame Samoei Ruto, if he doesn’t, we will divert our votes to Nasa,” said Mr Ngeno.

He told Mr Ruto to stop dreaming about his presidential bid come 2022.

“We are decided that out choice for presidency in 2022 is Gideon Moi, I want to tell this guy, to stop dreaming of the seat,’ said Mr Ngeno.

The same sentiments were expressed by Mr Salat who said they are not happy with pronouncements by a section of leaders in the President’s camp.

Mr Salat said the 50+1 win for Jubilee will be a mirage if President Kenyatta will not tame his Deputy and stop him from antagonising Rift Valley leaders who are supporting his re-election bid.

Earlier, Nasa co-principle Isaac Ruto addressed the rally and said the opposition has put in place proper mechanisms to deal with political threats and vote manipulation.

He said any interference with the elections will not be entertained.

The Bomet governor, who left the rally for another meeting, blamed the Jubilee government for soaring food prices.

“We are not interested with the Sh90 maize flour by Jubilee government, we want them to sort out agriculture so that maize can be affordable to all Kenyans while it remains profitable to farmers,” Governor Ruto said.

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