Kakamega man tries to bury his son alive for damaging phone

A 45-year-old man is in police custody in Matunda, Kakamega County for trying to bury his 12-year-old son alive.

The man accused his son of damaging his phone.

The incident at Kona village in Matunda sub-location has left residents in shock.

The Standard Four pupil at Kona Primary School said his father assaulted him before asking him to go and plant a banana in a hole he had dug on the farm.

The man then followed him, pushed him into the hole, and started burying him.

“He started beating me and accused me of damaging his phone. Minutes later he asked me to go plant a banana, but as I was placing it in the hole, he came and pushed me in. He then started covering me with soil while singing,” the boy said.


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According to the boy, his father said he was teaching him a lesson.

Area assistant chief Joseph Shikulu condemned the incident, saying the suspect will be charged.

“The suspect said that his boy was rude and that burying him alive was a way of disciplining him,” said Shikuku.

Neighbours say the man has been staying with his son after separating with the boy’s mother months ago.

“The woman returned to her parents with the younger children, leaving her husband with the older son,” said the assistant chief. 

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