LEAKED: VIDEO Showing The Other Side Of Justice Njoki Ndung’u, At Her Maximum Respect

I agreed with Justice Ndung’u in 2008 (then a legislator) when she went before Congress and called for a fresh presidential, parliamentary and civic election within 24-36 months, citing carelessness, irregularities, and illegalities so deep “no reasonable person can be certain who actually won the presidential poll”. Her judgment in 2017 totally baffled me since the situation was the same.

The interesting thing is that she saw the wisdom in having a fresh comprehensive election in 2008 done by a completely fresh electoral body vetted by parliament, and in a reasonable time. That was great wisdom, and it should still apply now.

Lawyer Evans Monari is the guy in the picture clasping the Presidents hand in the tukopoamojaring gesture, the guy behind the President is a restaurateur & also the Presidents cousin Jadmeh, he runs an excellent Nyama Choma joint in Kilimani known as The Hood.

The white man in a hat is the immediate former UK high commissioner to Kenya Dr.Christian Turner and looking on is Lady Justice Njoki Ndungu. Tuko Pamoja !

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