Just What Is Up With Dp Ruto? Very UnPresidential, Acting Like Regular Jubilee Blogger

The deputy president should change his style of addressing the public.
He should stop addressing Kenyans as an ordinary heckler or political broker, bootlicker, sycophant or mole.

He knows very well that elections were nullified due to illegalities and irregularities committed by IEBC officials.

Why does he put all the blame on Raila and Maraga as if all Kenyans are stupid and not able to understand the basis of the court ruling?

Did Raila print the fake ballot papers and interfere with the tallying process in any way?

CJ Maraga is a judge who understands what happened in the presidential tallying process and made his judgement basing on on the evidence that was provided to prove that the process was not credible.

Why should the DP, in his campaigns, blame Raila and CJ Maraga for illegalities and irregularities committed by IEBC?
Why should the DP keep singing about CJ Maraga and Raila for the nullification of the presidential results?

We understand the need for level playing ground and we should stop stupid politics invoving putting everything in ones favour instead of equality and justice for all.

Let our DP emphasize justice, equality and be honest.


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