Jubilee women aspirants want party primaries done early

Women aspirants in the Jubilee Party from Nakuru have called on the party secretariat to conduct its primaries as soon as possible so as to give time to the electoral commission to prepare for elections.

They claim that IEBC is running out of time especially after the ballot printing tender was halted by the court.

At the same time, the women aspirants called on the secretariat to ensure that the nominations are free and fair so as to give them an equal contesting ground.

“IEBC has the role of conducting the party primaries but even as they do their work, let us allow them to have ample time to prepare for elections by conducting the nominations early enough,” said Bahati parliamentary aspirant, Ms Hildah Kimatta.


The aspirants further expressed fears of skewed nominations in favour of the incumbent candidates whom they are competing with.

They claim that there is unfair distribution of nomination cards and that the process of acquiring them is cumbersome.

“I have made a number of trips to [the] Jubilee Party headquarters in a bid to acquire the party nomination cards but my efforts have been fruitless,” said a woman representative aspirant, Ms Ann Karigu.

The women called on the Jubilee Party secretariat to intervene to allow them access nominations cards for there to be fairness and an even playing ground.

The aspirants fear that the incumbents may mislead party members to only nominate them at the expense of other aspirants.

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