Jubilee tells NASA off over ballot tender

Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju. (Photo: Willis Awandu, Standard)

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s party Wednesday scoffed at NASA’s opposition to ballot papers printing tender awarded to Al Ghurair company.

Although the party vowed not to be drawn into what it termed as sideshows to derail the August polls, Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju directed his ‘shots’ at NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga.

He said Raila and his team were not ready for the elections going by 11 legal attacks since November last year, all in a bid to frustrate the electoral process.

Mr Tuju took issue with attempts to directly link President Kenyatta and his family to the tender awarded to a Dubai firm that NASA alleged was not competent enough to handle the work because of conflict of interest.

“Today as a party, we are compelled to define to Kenyans the 11 times when ODM, CORD, NASA and Raila Odinga acting together or in different permutations made serious attempts to derail the 2017 elections,” said Tuju.

Sensational claims


NASA vows to keep Jubilee away from Western Kenya

He added: “On June 13, NASA made sensational claims on award of printing tender to a Dubai Firm including veiled threats. At least, the former Prime Minister was honest to admit that he has been behind the calculated sequence of legal attacks on every operation of the new IEBC.”

Tuju dismissed claims of the involvement of the First Family in alleged attempts to manipulate the polls, saying it was not in JP’s province to defend IEBC or the courts, which NASA loves to attack, threaten and intimidate.

“I have seen the statement from NASA trying to drag the name of the President and his family into the matter of Al Ghurair. Again, just sensational allegations that cannot stand any scrutiny but can grab headlines,” said Tuju.

“The President has been going around the globe marketing the country. If he hosts delegations at State House, does it mean he is influencing a tender? A mere photo of the President shaking hands with the manager of the Dubai firm is no evidence of a deal made,” he said.

Tuju said Jubilee was not interested in the ballot papers’ tender. 

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