Jubilee says Nasa held captive by corruption cartels

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party has accused the opposition Nasa of hypocrisy, claiming that it has “auctioned its soul to corruption cartels”.

In the height of accusations and counter accusations, the Jubilee team has accused their counterparts of welcoming into their fold corrupt business people linked to Kenya’s biggest scandals.

“Our country is in danger of being overrun by a ruthless cartel. This cartel has already taken Nasa hostage. It has even made the party prepare two manifestos. One to hoodwink Kenyans and the second to take care of grand corruption projects they intend to repay themselves with after funding Nasa campaigns,” Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju told journalists Friday at Jubilee House.

He specifically named Mr Jimi Wanjigi, whom he said had engineered the second manifesto which he said is intended to make Kenya lose billions of shillings to corrupt deals.

But Mr Raila Odinga has said the two documents “speak to each other”.


“Jimi Wanjigi, a notoriously ruthless grand-scale kickback racketeer, has directed and attempted to benefit from the policy level as well as executive decisions of Raila Odinga and Nasa.

“The distressing implication is that Nasa are pledging national coffers to criminals and sundry hoodlums at the expense of the citizen welfare,” Mr Tuju said.

But Nasa has defended itself, with Mr Odinga’s running mate, Kalonzo Musyoka, saying that Mr Wanjigi was a close friend of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto who had introduced them to him during a 2013 power negotiation deal.

“DP Ruto has been saying that Nasa is being funded by cartels. Mwenye kupatia Ruto pesa zote ni Jimi Wanjigi. (The guy who has funded Ruto all this time is Jimi Wanjigi). And I want Wanjigi to tell Kenyans the truth about William Ruto,” Mr Musyoka said.


In the briefing, the Jubilee team defended themselves on claims that it was funded by Mr Wanjigi and that it had kept mum since 2013, only to speak out when Mr Wanjigi jumped ship to Nasa.

“We do not deny that Wanjigi supported us in 2013. But he never funded us. We are confident and proud as Jubilee that we prevented his plans, and that is why he went to Nasa where he feels at home,” Senate Deputy Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen said.

Mr Tuju said Kenyans should stand up and tell the cartels to stop using them.

“We would rather lose the elections and keep our dignity, than accept that money,” Mr Tuju said.


He laughed off the assertion by Mr Musyoka that Mr Wanjigi is a “prominent businessman”.

“Kalonzo recently introduced Wanjigi as a prominent businessman. Can he tell Kenyans which product Wanjigi manufactures? What crop does he grow? What technology did he invent?” asked Mr Tuju.

Mr Murkomen suggested that even though the government has tried its best to block the “Wanjigi effect” on the Jubilee government, it cannot be accused of having not arrested the businessman.

“That man earns up to Sh15 billion in one deal. That is why he is able to control a whole team of a former prime minister, two former vice presidents, a Senate Minority Leader and a governor, force them to write two manifesto, one for him to get back his money,” Mr Murkomen said.

In the statement, Jubilee named ten scandals they said they wanted Nasa to explain including the Sh5.4 billion Anglo Leasing forensic lab project.


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