Jubilee Party set to brief aspirants on nominations

Jubilee Party will hold a consultative meeting with all aspirants on April 18 ahead of its nominations on April 21.

Party secretary-general Raphael Tuju said the meetings will be held at county level and they will be addressed by officials from the National Elections Board, County Elections Board and party coordinators.

“We want all aspirants to meet at the county level and get updates on how we will conduct nominations on 21st. We do not want aspirants to approach the nominations with any anxiety,” he said.

Mr Tuju said the meetings had been necessitated by numerous queries by aspirants and will be used to set the record straight on logistical preparations for the nominations.

“The idea is to have an information dissemination forum with all aspirants. They will be informed on ballot materials logistics, security arrangements and the consequences of causing violence,” he said.

Mr Tuju said plans were on course to switch County Election Board members to avoid favouritism.

“We will do rosters such that there won’t be cases of several members from one county going to the same county and getting acquainted with the aspirants there. We are very keen to have clean nominations,” he said.

Jubilee, the only big party conducting its primaries on a single day, has identified 30 counties where it expects to deploy its machinery on nominations day since it has classified them as competitive. “Where we will not be competitive we will use other methods to identify our candidates,” he said.

The party has already sought applicants who will carry out nominations. The posts on offer are those of 47 county returning officers, 290 constituency officers, thousands of presiding officers and an even bigger number of polling clerks .

The constituency returning officer will give certificates to candidates for MP and MCA seats. Presiding officers will be the overall heads of polling stations.

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