The Jubilee Party Mega Shopping Spree

By Kalvin Reindrich-Rio-deJaneiro 

When a moral crisis sets-in in any society, it comes through the easiest highway, those whom votes and expectations have been casted up on by the Unsuspecting public.

HASSN-OMAR The Jubilee Party Mega Shopping SpreeIn a continent like Africa where each and every country is either Pseudo-Democracy or totalitarian dictatorship camouflaged by termly elections ranging from to 7 years,  this trend is the most common form of social and moral Degradation.

Take for example Kenya, where with the aval of some Western Entities, a crime against humanity regime leader has been able to forge, fake and fraud the electoral system hoping to get away with it in the most shameless “business as usual” mode.

The Jubilee Party rhetoric hit the wall after one the most fraudulent election in history with an equally false cascade of “congratulatory messages” from across the globe was put on check and defrauded of its illegitimate claim to “victory. The Kenyan Supreme Court President Justice David Maraga made the Historical ruling on September the 1ts of 2017, in a move that is precedented by only three previous one, the other recent one being in Austria, about 4 years ago.

Facing an eminent and humiliating defeat before its main opponent the NASA Coalition, the Jubilee Party resorted to using Dreaded Election Fraud machinery which included the UAE printer firm, Al Ghurair Inc., the Cambridge Analytica Propaganda, the local IEBC and the French company OT Morpho  to create a false victory and generate many electronically picked representative to National Assembly and the Regional levels, resulting in to what is known as VIFARANGA VYA COMPUTER or fake computer generated leaders .  The intention was create a “Tyranny of Numbers” aimed at reestablishing the Dark Ages bloody dictatorship and derailing the 2010 Constitution.

As Swahili saying goes ; “Siku za mwizi ni arobaine” , the thieves 40th days arrived. Caught red- handed with chains of Legal Petitions filled to challenge and nullify the mandate of Vifaranga Vya Computer, a move which if legally well executed would leave  the party with an absolute minority in both Houses, the party using  funds from an Asian powerhouse is has resorted to promoting MORAL CRISIS never seen before in the history of Kenyan.

The scheme involves spending millions of Dollars in a country with 54% unemployment rate to but every single willing opponent both those who ” lost election ” and relaxed and those who’ve filled Legal petitions  against the Vifarangas from outside the Central Province.  The ballot mafia unit of the Party has been out to “buy” anyone and anything including roadside cabins written NASA. The move is also aimed at stemming g the growing call for secession from a majority of Kenyans which would take bigger Swaths of the country into the People’s Republic of Kenya extending from Turkana country, running down to Western and Nyanza provinces crossing through Narok and Kajiado, capturing mid-and South Eastern Province through Wajir and Garissa and culminating with the whole of Coast Province. The other would be Central Republic of Kenya made up of Laikipia, Marsabit, Most of the Kalenjin land Rift valley counties, Isiolo, Meru-Embu and the 5 counties of the Central province.

Traditionally, leaders from the 5 counties of the Central province trade with foreigners coming to Kenya, allocating them land and property in the rest of Kenya other than the Central province in exchange. If the Secession comes to pass, it will bring the mt. Kenya political group walking tight rope since they would not have any other land and property to allot out other than their own and this would give rise to internal rebellion and conflicts which would destroy them internally. As such, they prefer the status quo so that they keep lying to the rest of Kenyans that “we are together”, while they keep safe their ancestral land and property as they lease out lands belonging to other communities to foreigners and sparing the resulting privileges solely to them.

As a popular Swahili proverb asserts, “Majuto ni mjukuu” (Regret comes after). The jubilee party has set a price tag for each and every one. This induces politicians and representatives of the religious societies to accept a few millions of Shillings or dollars in bribes to change side and sing the jubilee narrative “wembe ni uile ule”.  The same body paying the bribes now, will be the same body that in a couple of months,( if at all it manages to cling to power) will march on these same “commodities” with the normal Kenyan ordinary citizen’s constitutional rights including Tear gas, police bat/club, police and Mungiki boots’ kicks and a slaps and of  course the VIP live bullets and fanfare torture.  Regretting at that juncture can only be too little too late.

Buying out the Petition holders for gubernatorials for Narok, Kajiado, Wajir, Garissa and Kwale counties have become obsession of the jubilee party.  The Maasai land counties of Narok and Kajiado are highly valuable to the mt.kenya political elite and losing them would mean increase in the Maasais’ awareness and empowerment which would spell disaster to the elite group.  The move is intended at among other things, stemming off secession movement and preventing defeat in re-run in counties which together with Machakos, Nairobi and Nyamira had the highest operations of the jubilee rigging scheme at the gubernatorial levels.

There is a popular saying that nothing in the human world is too bad that can’t get worse! While many Western Diplomats abroad are known to be custodians of fairness and public watchdogs in the host countries, the Kenyan case has one exception, where one single Western Diplomat is working day and night to keep the abusive jubilee regime in power even with all the irregularities and one of the worst human right records since independence. This diplomat seems to ignore all the Western values of fair rule and acts almost as the abusive regime´s private attorney. How long it will last is a question.

It’s up to Kenyans to open their eyes and stand morally vigilant as they fight for change and struggle to shape their destiny. A few shillings in bribes given now won’t rescue them when the monster eventually exposes its claws to swindle its prey. Soldier on.

Save your country from Moral and Social Degradation.



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