Jubilee Party: How we will tally all votes


Jubilee Party has given directions on vote tallying process and declaration of results, with the National Elections Board (NEB) mandated to announce the final figure.

According to the highlights on vote counting released by the party, provisional results will be announced at tallying centres, with the same being transmitted upwards up to the NEB offices at Jubilee headquarters in Nairobi, where the results will be certified and validated.

And to avoid a situation where the results could be tampered with along the long path to the party’s headquarters, agents for respective aspirants have been allowed to take pictures of the signed forms with the provisional results.

“Aspirant agents will sign forms to accept polling station level provisional results, and may take a photograph of the signed form,” states the highlight of the process from the party headquarters.

The direction gives the presiding officer at the polling station powers to oversee the vote count after the closure of the polling station, after which he will declare the provisional results. The officer, will then transmit the results to the constituency tallying centre. The officer at the constituency level will then be required to gather and announce the provisional constituency results for MCAs and MPs.



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