Jubilee, NASA clash over Presidential Debates

Jubilee and NASA differed on the planned Presidential Debate as their running mates kept off a similar event last night.

Soon after Raila challenged President Kenyatta for a face-off, the Presidency in a statement accused NASA of “copycats tactics” and “giving ultimatums to appear purposeful”.

Raila, through his adviser Salim, Lone said it was still not late for Jubilee Party to agree to debate.

This was after NASA and the organisers agreed on the format of the debate, including issues to be discussed, the moderators, the audience and the venue.

“The Debate Commission informed us there had been no response from Jubilee on what would be or not be acceptable to them in terms of the debate format,” Lone said.

However, moments later, Communication Secretary David Mugonyi dismissed the call, saying: “They are only giving ultimatums and conditions to appear purposeful and competent. Their latest ultimatum is that Jubilee Party accepts to participate in the debates to enable their candidates to turn up,” Mugonyi said.


Presidential Debates hangs in the balance

This came as six presidential candidates defended their deputies for skipping Monday’s debate.

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