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NO WAY: We`ll Join NASA Call to form ‘People`s Assembly’, Jubilee MCAs Threaten

We`ll Join NASA Call to form ‘People`s Assembly’, Jubilee MCAs Threaten
We`ll Join NASA Call to form ‘People`s Assembly’, Jubilee MCAs Threaten

-Marsabit Jubilee MCAs threaten to support NASA`s call to form ‘Peoples Assembly’ in protest against President Uhuru

-Assembly`s majority leader, Halkano Konso on 21 January led 21 Jubilee MCAs and affiliate parties declaring their bid to buttress the NASA call for People`s Assembly

-The move by the elected leaders is meant to protest against President Uhuru`s nomination of Mr. Ukur Yattani in the cabinet

Marsabit Jubilee MCAs threaten to support the call for NASA to form People`s Assembly. This is in protest against the nomination of Ukur Yattani in the cabinet by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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Led by the Marsabit Assembly Majority leader Halkano Konso (Uran Ward), the legislature revealed that they would hold a special sitting by February 2 to pass a bill that would allow the formation of people`s assembly in Marsabit County.

According to Halkano Konso, the leaders were happy the president picked a cabinet secretary from their county but, were not happy about the nominee.

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“The people of Marsabit are happy with President Uhuru Kenyatta for picking a Cabinet secretary from our county but we are not happy with his choice,” said Mr. Konso.

In Marsabit Assembly, there are 15 Jubilee MCAs, 6 from Jubilee affiliate parties and 2 from ODM party.

On Friday, 19 January 2018, Marsabit legislatures revealed that they are not happy with the nomination of Ukur Yattani in the cabinet.

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This was unveiled in the statement that was signed by Governor Mohamud Ali, Senator Abubakar Godana Hargura, Nominated Senator Rev Canon Naomi Wako, Woman Rep Safia Sheikh Adan, and Saku MP Ali Dido Rasso.

MPs Musa Arbele (Laisamis) and Qalicha Gufu (Moyale) also signed the statement.

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