Jubilee leaders support Governor Nkedianye’s re-election bid

Kajiado Governor David Nkedianye’s chances in the gubernatorial race have been boosted by the support of erstwhile opponents Senator Peter Mositet and Taraiya ole Kores, the former chairman of the Kenya Meat Commission (KMC).

The two politicians had been in the same camp during the Jubilee Party nomination campaigns, in which they faced off with former Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku.


But they have now thrown their weight behind Dr Nkedianye’s re-election bid. 

And they point an accusing finger at Deputy President William Ruto, whom they accuse of manipulating the nomination in favour of Mr Lenku’s line-up.

Mr Mositet, who resigned from Jubilee after shambolic party nomination in which he lost to Mr Philip Mpaayei, said he would, however, support President Kenyatta’s re-election.

“I will support the Nasa gubernatorial candidate. No one cared to address our concerns on the party nominations.

“No one has involved all leaders to campaign for the President,” Mr Mositet said in Kajiado.

Mr Mositet, a staunch Kenyatta ally, said Dr Nkedianye was the better bet for the county and accused some state officers of harassing Kajiado politicians.

Mr Mositet spoke only a day after guns of his bodyguards, which had been withdrawn, were returned to them.

On Wednesday, Mr Mositet had claimed his life was in danger after his bodyguards were disarmed without any reason being given.

Mr Mositet revealed the Jubilee campaigns in Kajiado were in a mess and warned that the party could lose many seats.

“I made it very clear that as people of Kajiado we will not accept to have projects imposed on us from Nairobi.

“I am still opposed to those projects and still tell our people to stand firm and elect leaders of their choice,” the senator said.

He accused Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery of excessive interference in local politics.

“We are seeing provincial administration being used to intimidate the current governor. I will tell Nkaissery votes cannot be demanded by force,” he said.

The senator’s move only goes further to indicate cracks in Kajiado’s Jubilee team, which has failed to bring together nomination losers to back the winner Me Lenku.

Senator Mositet and Mr Kores have a sizeable following in Kajiado County, especially among the Maasai community and should they convince their supporters to vote for Dr Nkedianye in August 8, this might hurt Mr Lenku’s chances of ascending to the top seat.

Mr Lenku appeared to have evened things by bagging the support of County Assembly Speaker Johnson Osoi, who was a key point man and strategist in the Kores and Mositet camp. 

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