Jubilee issues poll rules for aspirants

Agents of the 8,000 Jubilee aspirants will have one hour to record serial numbers of ballot papers on Friday, just before its high-stakes primaries in 33 counties.

This, a party brief to the aspirants said, will allow them have full access to the contents of ballot boxes before polling, and which then they can compare with the final tally, to avoid cases of ballot stuffing.

“All aspirants, and or their agents, are required to be at the polling station at 5am on Friday April 21, record serial numbers of ballot papers, be ready to witness the sealing of ballot boxes, and sign relevant forms before the voting opens at 6am,” a document prepared by the party on the nominations says.

The party said the ballot papers were printed outside the country and would only be unveiled during the nomination day.

Further, the aspirants will be allowed to take pictures and videos of the whole process from end of voting to the announcement of results.

“At the end of voting, aspirants will be allowed to witness and take pictures of the sealing of ballot papers, the accounting and auditing of ballot papers as per the polling book, as well as the form that will bear the results before they are taken to tallying centres,” the document says.

On Tuesday, party officials met aspirants in the counties where they were warned of dire consequences in case of violence.

“Do not test our resolve to deal with violence. We will disqualify you. And we do not intend to repeat our nomination process after someone brings violence to us,” said Jubilee Secretariat chairman Raphael Tuju on Sunday.

The party has also barred candidates from campaigning after 7pm tonight, to allow for the accreditation of aspirants agents which should be done by Thursday.

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