Jubilee in row with Infotrak over ‘unreleased survey’

The Jubilee Party on Tuesday evening sought to put pressure on opinion pollster Infotrak, claiming it was planning to release a ‘fake’ poll showing President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga are tied, less than three weeks to the election.

But Infotrak boss Angela Ambitho has denied the claims and told the Nation she does not have any data right now and that Jubilee appeared to be trying to pre-empt an opinion poll.

Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah claimed the party had information that Ms Ambitho had met a relative of a Coast ODM politician last week and had been given the information for the fake poll.

“What we really are questioning is the credibility of these opinion polls especially those where there are undeclared interests,” said Mr Ichung’wah.


National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale described the poll as “orchestrated and paid for by Nasa” and meant to lay the ground for the rejection of the results of the presidential election by Mr Odinga.

“They want to poison the minds of Kenyans so that they can refuse the results of the election,” said Mr Duale.

The latest Infotrak poll had President Kenyatta leading by a five-percentage point margin – 48 per cent to Mr Odinga’s 43 per cent.

Ms Ambitho told the Nation that while there was no plan to release an opinion poll on Wednesday, it would be reasonable to expect one last opinion poll before the elections on August 8.


“We don’t have any data, as we speak, to release,” said Ms Ambitho, who described Jubilee’s statements as propaganda.

By law, opinion polls should not be released five days to the elections while the players in the sector have an agreement not to release polls seven days to the election, she said.

This means that there is a two-week window within which to release the last poll before the General Election.

“Tell me which pollster will not be releasing results. What is happening is a no-brainer: they are just pre-empting. Because it will happen. When it will happen I can’t tell you because we don’t have data yet. There will be at least one poll,” she said.


“These guys may probably have data. They are privy to information and that information is making them pre-emptive. That is theirs is looking the way it is, then what will other people’s look like,” she said.

But Mr Ichung’wah insisted that “Angela must start being accountable to Kenyans.”

He also claimed that there was a family relationship between Ms Ambitho and Mr Odinga going back to their fathers.

Ms Ambitho said this was not the first time such an allegation has been made.


“They did that in 2007. They did that in 2013. What is so relevant today? How is it that we are related? Am I related because we come from the same region? Not that I know of now,” she said.

She said that she was born in Nairobi, at Mater Hospital, and comes from Siaya, and is not aware of any family ties to the Odingas.

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