Jubilee Hacker who could not keep his mouth shut: Manwa Magoma

President Uhuru rigged the August 9 presidential election by tampering with the IEBC Results Transmission System (RTS) then working backwards to generate the paper trail – forms 34As.

He worked with IEBC national secretariat insiders, after his men had killed an obstacle in the name of Chris Msando, and threw his body in a Kiambu coffee thicket. To make the murder look humane, they also killed Msando’s evening lady friend, Carol Ngumbu.

Both families have since buried their kins.

Things were not to turn out as they did. Uhuru’s victory was not to be challenged in court. And if it came to that, the challenger, NASA’s Raila Odinga, was never to succeed. A perennial loser, they referred to him, to normalize their dubious, illegitimate victory.

IEBC did all they could to deny him evidence, and spent days generating forms 34As, many that were faked, and which would later lead to the annulment of the results.

NASA documents presented in court reveals that Uhuru’s rigging machine tampered with nearly five million votes, the magnitude which no competent court would let through. Other things happened. But what did Uhuru and his team messed in this meticulous rip-off?

The man at the centre of it, Manwa Magoma, in his irrational exuberance, ended up explaining the rigging scheme!

In his juvenile excitement, Magoma stupidly narrated his hacking assignment to his social media followers where he also gave accurate predictions of the fake results that were being streamed by IEBC, which he himself was a prime mover in generating.

Magoma had initially made illicit money under Anne Waiguru’s cash money NYS dealings. His company, Out of the Box Solutions Ltd had been purportedly contracted to  conduct sensitisation campaigns targeting women, youth and persons with disabilities, under the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPRO) program. Like Josephine Kabura, Manwa’s hatchet woman was Angela Angwenyi.

The ripoff, as PAC would later reveal, stood at Ksh302 million.

According to confidential sources in Team Uhuru, Magoma set up a state of the art production site within Telkom Kenya’s Data Center. A  Disaster Recovery – basically a back up of their hackjob – was set up at Liquid Telecom, owned by multi-billionaire dealerwheeler Naushad Merali.

Magoma’s hacking gang was facilitated by the Chief Technology Officer of Telkom/Orange known as John Barorot who is a close associate of Deputy President William Ruto and Jubilee Chief Agent Davis Chirchir. Barorot had negotiated a huge chunk of the network platform that was to be used to transmit the result for Telkom, despite its poor network infrastructure across the country.

In fact, insiders say Telkom got the IEBC contract to cover results transmission in a wider area than even Safaricom, Kenya’s largest telecommunications firm. Sadly, in nearly all areas that Telkom got the tender to transmit the results from, their system totally collapsed, leading to no transmission at all. Presiding Officers and Returning Officers had to physically carry the forms, to be filled manually at the national tallying centre at Bomas in Nairobi.

It also not lost on observers of Kenya power politics how far Jubilee went into infiltrating IEBC and its procurement system. IEBC servers were supplied by a company called Neurotech Africa owned by shadowy tenderpreneur Daniel Kinyua who is related to Uhuru Kenyatta’s Chief of staff, Joseph Kinyua.

Magoma’s team worked with  Daniel Kinyua whose company Neurotech Africa supplied IEBC with a Unified Computing System (UCS) which is a data center server computer product line composed of computing hardware, virtualization support, switching fabric, and management software introduced in 2009 by Cisco Systems.

Magoma reportedly made USD3 Million in commissions for himself out of the IEBC contract for procurement of KIEMS system from Saffran (Morpho) Security who were single sourced by IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba to supply the system at whopping Kshs 3.6 billion (USD. 36 million equivalent) in a project financed entirely by tax payers.

Manwa and his team would log into the IEBC Server and change any results, sometimes using even the email account of IEBC Chairman. In total, the team made far and wide changes to the results of the August election that upto now, the refuse to open the servers for audit.

President Uhuru has chosen to rather go to a repeat election than have IEBC servers opened, as this will reveal the extent of manipulation and rigging that went on.

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