Jubilee gubernatorial aspirants sign political pact

Jubilee gubernatorial aspirants George Kingori (right) and Moses Parantai holds documents, shortly after they signed a memorandum of understanding at a hotel in Ongata Rongai yesterday.,Mr Kingori steeped down for Parantai and now will be his running mate. PETERSON GITHAIGA

Two Jubilee gubernatorial aspirants yesterday signed a political pact ahead of the August 8 elections.

Businessman George Kingori and veteran politician Moses ole Parantai signed a memorandum of understanding that was witnessed by a number of their supporters.

The two leaders, who belong to two of the largest voting blocs in the area, said their decision was meant to create unity among all tribes living in the cosmopolitan county.

In the agreement, Mr Parantai will be vying for the governor’s seat while Mr Kingori will be his running mate.

In case of victory, six county executive positions will be allocated to Parantai while Kingori will take five.

Addressing their supporters, the two leaders said that the Maasai vote in the county will be decided based on the two main coalitions- Jubilee and National Super Alliance (NASA).


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“The overall effect of this division is that if two strong Maasai aspirants vie for the post, they will definitely require the support of the other communities to boost their numbers to win the election,” said Parantai.

He said the thinking of the majority of the people is that for a Maasai candidate to win the election, he would require the support of the community represented by Kingori.

Jubilant supporters of both aspirants broke into a dance after the signing that was done at a hotel in Ongata Rongai.




The two leaders later held a procession to Ngong town, Kiserian, Matasia, Isinya and Kitengela where they addressed their supporters.

At Ngong town, Kingori told his supporters that he stepped down for Parantai after days of soul searching and for the sake of the community.


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“I’m sure many of my supporters might be disappointed with this move, however I appeal to everyone to accompany us in this journey, we are happy that we will be included in the coming government if we win,” said Kingori.

King’ori insisted all communities in the county will be incorporated in their government accusing the current one of dividing the community.

“The county belongs to all of us, when we unite, we shall win the gubernatorial seat,” said King’ori.

The race for the governor’s seat so far includes former Interior CS Joseph ole Lenku, Kenya Meat Commission chairman Taraiya ole Kores, 2013 runner-up Mr Daniel Nina and Parantai.

So far, Lenku is the only aspirant who has remained a lone-ranger, ruling out any political pact with the rest of the aspirants.

Lenku described pre-election pacts as ‘fake.’

“Why sign unity pacts today only to renege on them tomorrow? I would rather go it alone and not make a fake show of unity!” he said.

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