Jubilee Governor Loser Hon Nyambati Filed Petition That Exposes How Uhuru Men Rigged August Polls, Incriminating Evidence!

Nyamira county jubilee gubernatorial candidate Hon Walter Nyambati, filed a petition at Kisii High Court challeging election of His Excellence Governor John Nyagarama but to the surprise of many, what he provided as evidence exposes jubilee dirty work in the county.

“After reviewing the petition papers, we have counted 16 supposed polling stations that do not exist in the IEBC records and in all of the 16 polling stations only jubilee candidates have majority of votes”- Geoffrey Ondonga an ally of Governor Nyagarama told local reporters

“For instance Nyambati’s petition has recorded polling centres at Uhuru gardens, Kiogutwa primary C, Nyabite Tea Buying Centre and many others. In all these not even a single voter did vote there but Uhuru Kenyatta and other Jubilee candidates garnered 90% of the votes there”- Ondonga said

Nyambega Gisesa a local youth leader who analysed the petition also added other anomalies he noted:

The particulars of the petition are :
1. That County employees were deployed by IEBC in Nyamira County.
Actually, only nine in a work force of thousands are listed. County employees like other civil servants like teachers and doctors and etc are allowed to be contracted by IEBC to conduct polls…
There is no any law whether in Kenya or Somalia that bars anyone.

In this allegation, Hon Nyambati mentioned 47 polling stations which I laughably failed to countercheck facts and figures.
For instance he claims that Tombe Primary School in Ekerenyo ward had only 418 registered voters yet records show otherwise…So does Iteresi, Nyagokiani , Chaina and Nyamauro polling stations….
How could be be misled this much?
Even with his assertion it affects only less than 750 votes

3. He claims that 13 polling stations had less declared votes than the actual turnout….
This is still laughable coz it’s not the case of you check through the forms. ..
Even with his assertion, it only affects 803 votes…

4. He claims that 13 out of 553 polling stations had more had more declared votes than actual turnout. ..
This again is far from the truth…
Even with his claims, this only affects 366 votes…

5. He claims that forms from 20 of the 553 polling stations had discrepancies. ..
This is another fabrication. ..He should actually get those forms and counter check again…

6. Most laughably, he claims that some 13 out of row polling stations had duplication of figures…
Hii ni kicheko sana…

These are the only particulars in his petition…Jubilee can help people steal elections , I just wonder what kind of bogus judge they will try and buy with this miniature claims..
His arguments are not even based on the arguments that NASA put in its Supreme Case Court case…

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