Jubilee government has delivered on all pledges, says majority leader Aden Duale

Aden Duale, National Assembly Majority Leader

We have delivered most of the pledges we made to Kenyans during the last polls, and we will be asking for another term to continue building on these achievements for a better country.

On infrastructure development, the Standard Gauge Railways is one of our major achievements. The Mombasa-Nairobi SGR project will be commissioned in June this year. The Jubilee administration has constructed about 6,000km of road network across the country.

In the health sector, we waived fee on maternal healthcare and upgraded 94 hospitals in the 47 counties to referral hospitals and equipped them. Close to 6 million Kenyans are now registered under NHIF’s outpatient medical cover.

In the education sector, we promised laptops to our pupils. The programme is on course and will be fully rolled out by May. The Jubilee administration has also waived examination fees to our students sitting their national exams.

We have also continued to support our farmers by providing subsidised fertilisers.

The Jubilee administration also started Youth Fund, Women Enterprise Fund and Uwezo Fund to cushion our people from unemployment. The Government is also implementing four cash transfer programmes as part of the overall social protection intervention to support the most vulnerable citizens.


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Another milestone achievement is the Last Mile power project. We have connected 3.4 million Kenyans. The only promise we made but have not delivered is on the construction of stadia.

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