Jubilee faces roadblock as John Moriaso defects

Jubilee Party’s Narok County chairman has defected to the Opposition coalition, an act that might not augur well for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr John Moriaso decamped to Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto’s Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM), an affiliate of National Super Alliance.

Mr Moriaso announced his decision during the launch of Ololulung’a ward rep candidate Bob Maren’s manifesto.

He told the Nation that he has officially joined CCM after nearly four years as Jubilee’s point man in the county.

The development could be a major boost for Nasa, which is seeking dominance in the region.

Governor Ruto and Narok governor governorship candidate Patrick Ntutu (ODM) lauded Mr Moriaso’s move, terming Jubilee leaders’ forays in the county as “empty gesture”.

Governor Ruto said that Jubilee Party is now “fatherless” and cautioned its leaders of his party’s rising popularity in the South Rift.

“We welcome our brother Moriaso, a respected leader and former chairman of Narok County council, to CCM.

“His decampment from Jubilee is a clear indication that Nasa is a strongparty in Narok,” the county boss said.


The Chama Cha Mashinani leader exuded confidence that Nasa, led by Raila Odinga, will win in the August 8 polls, telling off critics condemning him for backing Mr Odinga.

“Some people keep on asking me why I’m supporting Raila who is a Luo.

“My answer to them is that Luos are also Kenyans and we do not follow tribes any longer but rather ideas that will bring change to this country,” he said, as he called for peace.

Mr Moriaso said he ditched Jubilee because he found it hard to campaign for an administration with nothing to show for its time in power.

“I tried to look around and could not find a substantial project the governor (Samuel Tunai) has undertaken since 2013.

“If I were to ask the electorate to re-elect him, what would I tell them?” Mr Moriaso posed.

He accused Jubilee ’s top brass of impoverishing the county.

“Truth be said, this administration had upwards of Sh10 billion annually to invest in water projects, upgrade roads, build hospitals and elevate education standards.

“However, at the moment residents are suffering for the lack of the same services,” he said.

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Mr Ntutu welcomed Mr Moriaso’s defection, describing him as a prodigal son who has found his way home.

He said that the decamping is a beacon of failed Jubilee tours in the region.

“Jubilee is literally falling apart. My brother Moriaso saw the cracks in the wall and eased himself out to safety,” Mr Ntutu said.


Governor Samuel Tunai has in the past defended his work, saying he has employed more than 800 early childhood development education (ECDE) teachers and lobbied for the tarmacking of the 82-kilometre Narok-Sekenani gate road.

“This is the first new tarmac road in the county in 50 years.

“President Kenyatta’s administration has also built a Sh70 million market in Kilgoris and allocated locals slots in his cabinet,” Mr Tunai said in a recent meeting with teachers from Trans Mara.


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