Jubilee earns Sh865m from nomination fees

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party nominations brought in more than Sh800 million from over 8,000 aspirants for the August elections.

A total of 8,012 aspirants will be battling it out for the Jubilee flag during its nominations on April 21.

The Jubilee Party collected as much as Sh715 million from the aspirants.

This, added to the Sh150 million the party collected from selling 7.5 million Sh20 cards, comes to a conservative Sh865 million, Sh135 million shy of the Sh1 billion mark.

“We have as many as 25 aspirants for county assembly in one ward, 17 for MP in one constituency, 15 for Senate, 13 for Woman Representative, and nine for governor in a county,” Ms Winnie Guchu, the party executive director, said in a statement.


The governor seat is attractive because it comes with the control of billions in the counties.

A total of 106 aspirants in 42 of the 47 counties have shown interest in the seats.

Each governor aspirant parts with Sh500,000, bringing the party’s kitty to Sh53 million.

In the Senate race, 171 candidates in 45 counties want the Jubilee ticket. Senators paid Sh250,000, fetching the party Sh40.25 million.

MPs also paid Sh250,000 nomination fees, and from 1,006 candidates in 261 of Kenya’s 290 constituencies, that brought in Sh251 million.

Jubilee attracted 171 Woman Representative aspirants in 44 counties, and with each paying Sh250,000, the party got Sh42.75 million.

But it is the all-important ward rep seat that comes with attractive remuneration that took the cake.

At least 6,568 people want to be reps on the Jubilee ticket in 1,365 of Kenya’s 1,450 wards. Having paid Sh50,000 each, the party collected Sh328.40 million.


The Sh715 million from the nomination fees is assuming that all those who expressed interest in the seat were above the youth age of 35, whom the party had given a 50 per cent discount.

“The 50 per cent discount will not be extended to parliamentary woman representative,” the party had said.

In her statement Thursday, Ms Guchu said the party would soon train its 94 county and constituency coordinators, as well as the 206 members of the different county election boards.

“We are conducting trainings in five different locations and equipping them with the skills and know-how ahead of the crucial nominations,” said Mr Albert Memusi, the party communication director.

Meanwhile, over six million papers that will be used in the April 21 primaries will arrive by next week, Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju has said.

“We decided to print them outside the country for security reasons. The ballot papers will be here before the nominations, and will be dispatched in time,” said Mr Tuju in an earlier interview.

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